Green Company ltd. was founded in 2009. Our company producing the PET Flake. The main production facilities are located in Zaporozhye. The company supplies products to the domestic market of Ukraine, and export to Europe. All products checking by quality control department at our own laboratory.

Also we have waste RAW material collection network, the center of which is in Mariupol and at the territory of the Azov Sea coast. The company have license from the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine Series AB № 487630 from 29.10.2009 for the collection and recycling of secondary raw materials.

Sell PET Flake
+38 (095) 639-58-11
+38 (098) 861-33-26

Sell waste RAW material
+38 (098) 610-44-50

Buy PET Bottle
+38 (095) 639-58-11
+38 (098) 861-33-26

Other question
+38 (097) 115-08-90

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